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  1. keith says:

    Trina, I know you hear this a million times a day but you are the most incredible porn star nin the busniess. There are many beautiful sexy women in the business but yoiu are different and well, just gogeous, thank you xxx

  2. Damian Smart says:

    Can you please come to Australia to Sexpo so I can have a photo with you are best and most natural beauty in the business. Let alone you look and feel very centred within yourself. xxx

  3. Chris Thomas says:

    Words can not describe how gorgous you are can u do some tour in connecticut I missed you last visit I am a fan of your work

  4. Brian says:

    So awesome to watch! What oil gets used in the videos? It seems that it gets in the mouth.

  5. Gina says:

    I am getting a boob job and am a huge fan of yours. Could you tell me if they are over or under the muscle? Silicone or saline aNd how many cc’s, I would appreciate the info!

  6. Osman says:

    You are the most beautiful women in the world! You are the best pornstar out there! I wish i could go out with you!

  7. Rob says:

    You are a personal hero to me Ms. Michaels …. You.ve come a long way baby …. Good luck and may GOD bless …

  8. sam says:

    can I shoot with you hun please

  9. tej says:

    hi madam how are you ? i m so good fan for you i m already following you twitter can you add me your friend list in facebook or send me your contact number i m just want once talk to you . but your always my angel please please please

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